Manhattan Chapter GIA Alumni Collective
Manhattan Chapter GIA Alumni Collective

2023 Calendar of Events

(Lecture Topics and Dates are Subject to Change)



  April 17



Day-to-Day Gemstone Treatments and Their Identification

Daniel W. Campbell, BS,GG,FGA,CSM NAJA

  August ?




  September ?




2022 Calendar of Events

(Lecture Topics and Dates are Subject to Change)



  August 2


     Pioneering the American Faceting Movement

   Justin K. Prim, Lapidary and Gemcutter

  October 26


Geographic Origin Determination and Inclusions in Gemstones

    Virginia Schneider, FGA, and Tyler Smith GG, FGA, of the GIA NY Gem ID Dept.





2020 Calendar of Events

(Lecture Topics and Dates are Subject to Change)



  January 14


      Laboratory Grown Diamond Exchange

     Jerry Ehrenwald, GIA GG

  February 18


Canadian Diamonds, Eh?

From Mine to Market

    Jon C. Phillips, GIA GG, AGS CG


  March 11

Creative, Corporate or Compassionate

A Diligent Designers Dilemma

    Heena Shah, Creative Director and Designer Valani Jewelry


  April 21


Postponed, Date TBD

GIA NY Gem Identification Department

Overview and Update on the Heat Treatment of Sapphires

Extended Applications of LA-ICP-MS in Gem Identification

Alexandrite Country of Origin Determination



  May 12

Postponed, Date TBD

Gary Roskin, Chief Executive Officer of ICA

The State of the Colored Stone Industry


 September 15


 Tiffany Stevens  Cancelled

 October 13


The Creative Art Deco Period and It's Importance in Today's Market
 Kathryn Bonnano  Cancelled

 November 10

Hand Engraved Signet and Crest

Rebus  Cancelled

December 8        








  January 16

2019 Calendar of Events


Treasures From an Important Estate:

From Discovery to Sale

Seth Holehouse, President of Fortuna Auction


  February 20




  March 20

The World's Opals

Travis Lejman, GIA GG, FGA


  April 17


Gem Identification Challenges, Turquoise Analysis and New Zealand Greenstone

GIA NY Gem Identification Department


  May 15


SSA Steve Gonzalez, SA Mario S. Russo and NYPD Det. Armando Coutinho from the FBI Joint Major Theft Taskforce

Joint Meeting with the NYC AGS Guild

Jewelry Crimes, Awareness and Cyber Safety


 August 12

Connecting Jewelers & Collectors

Jennifer Heebner, Jewelry Journalist


 September 18


Breaking the Museum Code

Donna Distefano

 October 16


Emerald Specimens from around The World
Stuart Wilensky, Wilensky Minerals

  November 20

Emeralds: The Market, The Magic and The Stone

Bryan Aderhold, GIA GG, FGA


  December 5

A 2019 Review of Special Gemstones and Trends
Christopher Smith,


2018 Calendar of Events


  January 16


My "Brilliant" Life in Jewels

Cynthia Renee


  February 13


New York Silver, Then and Now

Jeannine Falino


  March 13

Long-Term Trends

Marlene Richey: Writer, Consultant, Teacher, Advocate


  April 10


Renee Newman, GIA GG, Author

Pearl Update:

New Types, Fakes, Treatments & Jewelry Styles

  May 16


Ethiopia Trip, Inclusions in Gemstones and Unusual Suspects in the Lab

Daniel Girma, Tyler Smith, Jessica Jasso from the GIA NY Gem Identification Department


  July 16

Richard Drucker, GIA GG
Pricing Color: The Methodology & Challenges


  August 16                                        Sindi Schloss, GIA GG
             ESTATE EXOTICS: Gems of the People -
                               Collectible Beads

  September 12 Sean Gilson, Jewelry Designer
  October 17


Jennifer Heebner, Editor and Journalist

Postponed to Feb. 20, 2019
Connecting Jewelers & Collectors


  November 14

Nicholle Mogavero, GIA GD, "Jewelry Nerd"
How to Spot a Georgian Fake


  December 5

Elyse Zorn Karlin and Gail Brett Levine, GIA GG
Two Different Views: What We Have Learned in 80+ Years of Studying Jewelry


2017 Calendar of Events




January 10

Daniel W. Campbell, BS, GIA GG, FGA



February 15


Ulysses Grant Dietz
Jewelry from Pearls to Platinum to Plastic

  March 15


Laura Mathews

Gustav Manz, A Jeweler's Jeweler


  April 19


Pamela Cevallos and Daniel Girma from the GIA NY Gem Identification Department

Color and Chemistry in Gemstones

  May 16


Elyse Zorn Karlin, Author, Publisher, Curator

ASJRA-Using Jewelry History as a Window Into the Past


  July 24


Michelle Graff, National Jeweler
5 Things to Know About the Jewelry Industry Right  Now


  September 12 Jeffrey Fischer, Fischer Diamonds
The Diamond Market Today
  October 10


Eric Hoffman
Is it Jade or Is it Pseudojade?


  November 14

Deborah Finleon, GIA GG
The Fascinating Life and Fabulous Jewels of Marjorie Merriweather Post


  December 5

Tom Gelb, Gelb Gemological Consulting
Purple Diamonds: A Deep Dive



2016 Calendar of Events

  January 12


Donna Distefano, Jewelry Designer
Where Metal and Fire Meet Love

  February 16


Danny Baruch, American Grown Diamonds
Synthetic Diamonds

  March 15


Susan Kempin and Bella Neyman, AJF Board Members

Art Jewelry Forum

  April 19


Riccardo Befi and Akhil Sehgal, GIA NY Gem Identification Department
Country of Origin Determination

  May 17

Molly Clarke
Rock That Instagram: How to Creatively Market Your Jewelry Business


  July 25

Jacqueline Stone, Salt and Stone
Jewelry Designer


  September 13 Alan Bronstein 
The Tale of the Blue Moon Diamond
  October 20


Naomi Sarna, Spectrum Award Winner
Lapidary in Jewelry


  November 15

Marie E. Betteley
My Life with Russian Jewels


  December 6

Benjamin Macklowe
Art Nouveau: A Jewel in Every Medium



2015 Calendar of Events


January 13Dr. George Harlow, Curator Gem Hall, American Museum of Natural History, NYC

Myanmar Discoveries
February 17Katherine D. Palmiter, GIA GG

Auctionata: Traditional Meets Digital
March 10Dan Campbell, GIA GG, FGA

Look Out for Look-Alikes
April 28The GIA NY Gem Identification Department

Identification of Gemstone Enhancements
May 12Renee Newman, GIA GG

How Exotic Gems are Revolutionizing the Jewelry Market
July 27TBD
September 9Wendi Mayerson, B.A., G.G.

Clarity Enhancement of Emeralds:
Detection, Filler Identification & Disclosure
October 13Gary Lester, GIA GG

Pimped Out Pocket Watches
November 03Andrea Nierenberg

Networking is a Leadership Skill
December 1David Rocha

Jewelers For Children

2014 Calendar of Events





January 14




Alan Bronstein, Colored Diamond Expert
Colored Diamonds, Past and Future

February 19


Michael Goldstein, Antique Cut Diamonds
What's New about Old Diamonds

March 11


Jeannine Falino, Exhibition Co-Curator Museum of the City of New York
Gilded New York: Design, Fashion & Society

April 23


Updated Overview of Advanced Instrumentation in the GIA Laboratory
GIA NY Colored Stones Department


May 13 Edward Faber, Aaron Faber Gallery
Update on Collectible and Vintage Timepieces
July 28


Roger Dery
AGTA Gemstone Cutting Edge Award Winner


September 9



Paula Crevoshay, Jewelry Designer
The Tao of Jewelry - A Collector's Guide

October 14

Jerry Root, GIA GG, FGA
Spectroscope Review
Nov. 11


Elise Skalwold, BSc, FGA, GIA GG
Consulting Gemological Curator, Cornell University

Dr. Allen M. Bassett and the Ruby Mines of Nepal and
Plus Two Featurettes:
From Gemology to Mineral Physics & Back Again;

An Update on a Gem of the Future: Nano-Polycrystalline Diamond (NPD)

December 3


Rob Bates, Sr. Editor at JCK Magazine
The New Consumers and the Diamond and Jewelry Industry

2013 Calendar of Events


January 16 Tom Herman, Jeweler Extraordinaire, Seven Fingers Jewelry

Chasing Gold to Where it Has Taken Me
February 19 Tony Seideman
Creating a Narrative That Sells: Tools and Strategies That Work For You and Your Clients
March 12 John Kennedy, President, Jewelers Security Alliance

Crime Prevention for Jewelers: How to Stay Safe in a Dangerous Business
April 24 Tom Moses, GG, Sr. Vice President GIA Laboratory and Wuyi Wang, PhD, Director of Research

New Synthetic Diamond, Nano-Polycrystalline Diamond
May 7 Denise Nelson, GG

Diamonds from the Forbidden Zone
June 26  Brian C. Cook, Geologist
"Original Paraiba Tourmaline, The Real Story"
July 29

Sara E. Yood, Assistant General Counsel, Jewelers Vigilance Committee


US Trade Regulations on Plants and Animals Used in Jewelry

 Sept. 11 Wendi Mayerson, GG
A Day in The Life of a Colored Stone Buyer
October 8


Glenn Markman, GG

Fire Polish Diamonds

November 13 Rabbi David Altman

Historical Judaica Gems & Jewelry & Rabbinic Law
December 4 Diane Warga-Arias, The Jewelry Activist

Top 10 Gems & Jewelry Newsflashes of 2013

2012 Calendar of Events

January 11Alicia Oltuski, Author

Precious Objects: A Story of Diamonds, Family and a Way of Life
February 15From Maui to Manhattan

Tiffany Chou, Jewelry Designer
March 14Joseph Gold

Jewelry Photographer
April 17Donna Beaton, GG, and the NY GIA Colored Stone Staff, Members Only

Gemstone Treatment Updates
May 15Christopher Smith, GG, President of AGL

Notes from AGL
July 30Doug Hucker, CEO of AGTA

Selling More Color the AGTA Way
September 12Elyse Zorn Karlin

Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau Jewelry -Similarities and Differences
October 8Dr. Jack Ogden, FGA, FGAHK, FSA

The Lore and the Profits
October 10Marie E. Betteley, GG

The House of Bolin: Imperial Russia's Premier Court Jeweler
November 14Nick DelRe, GG, Manager of Gemological Services EGL USA

Diamonds & Some Colored Stones
The Obvious and Hidden: Beauty, Ugly and In-Between
December 5Donna Baker,GG, President and CEO of GIA
An Evening with Donna Baker

2011 Calendar of Events


January 11Temple St. Clair

Inspiration and Realization:Cultivating the Creative Business
February 16Gary Roskin, GG, FGA

Argyle Pink Tender
March 16Rob Aretz, GG
Etruscan Revival Jewelry
April 12Donna Beaton, GG, and the NY GIA Colored Stone Staff, Members Only
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Opals
May 12Cindy Coates, Diamonds International

Exploring the Design, Function and Unique Traits of The Crown of Light Diamond
May 21Special Forbes Gallery Tour of “Jewelers of the Hudson Valley” Exhibition

by Guest Curator Elyse Zorn Karlin for GIA Alumni and NAJA members only.
July 25Alex Vock, ProVockative Gems

The Nature of Pearls
September 13Gail Brett Levine, GG

Appraisals - The Right Way
October 11Jerry Green

R.C. Miller & Co.
November 15Dan Campbell, GG
Experiencing Gems, Observational Roots, No Equipment
December 6Whitney Sielaff, Editorial Director
National Jeweler's Year in Review and Look Ahead

2010 Calendar of Events

January 14Kate Petersen of Performance Concepts

Business in the New Reality: Innovative Strategies to Take You From 'What IS' to 'What IF'
February 17Marlene Richey
5 Decades of American Designer Jewelry
March 10Robert Bates, Senior Editor of JCK
Hot Topics in the Diamond and Jewelry Industry
April 13Dusan Simic, B.Sc., FGG, SGC
HPHT Diamond Update (Members Only)
May 11Donna Beaton, GG and the NY Laboratory Staff
Update on Synthetic Color Stones (Members Only)
July 26Robert Bentley
 Gems For Fine Arts Jewelers, A Love Affair with Gemstones
August 19Blaire Beavers
Rare Pearls & Latest Developments in the Pearl Industry
September 15James A. Fiebig,
Profit from Passion with Colored Gemstones, A New Way of Thinking
September 25 NAJA with Manhattan GIA-Alumni, Dusan Simic, BSc, FGG, SGC and Branko Deljanin,BSc, GG, FGA, DUG
Advanced Gemology  Registration
October 12Michael Coan, Chair of Jewelry Design at Fashion Institute of Technology
Gem Material: Historically Speaking
October 28Donna Beaton, GG, and the Colored Stone Dept. Staff - GIA NY Laboratory
Hands-on Identification of Synthetic Corundum and Synthetic Emerald
November 16Maggie Campbell Pederson, FGA
Amber and Jet, Myth and Magic
December 8Simon Teakle, FGA, Director of Estate Jewelry for Betteridge Jewelers
Diamonds, Colored Stones and Jewelry-Where We Are in December 2010
2009 Calendar of Events
January 13Branko Deljanin, B.Sc., GG, FGA, DUG, Director, EGL Canada
Identification of Laboratory-Grown Diamonds

Colored and Colorless from USA, Canada and Russia
Nick Del Re, GG, B.Sc., Manager of Gemological Services, EGL USA
Update on What's New & Exciting in Gem ID at EGL USA
February 19Colin H. Winter, FGA, DGA
Mysteries of the Rainbow, Getting the best from your spectroscope
March 10Kathy E. Fox
The 24 Karats of Venetian Beads
April 22GIA-GTL

Copper-Bearing Tourmalines: The Beauty and the Controversy
May 11Don Palmieri, GG, MGA

Providing a Zero Tolerance Consumer Guarantee in a Litigious World
July 27Michael M. Dyber, Gemstone Sculptor
Gems of the Mind
August 5Renée Newman, GG
Rubies, Sapphires & Emeralds: Then and Now
September 15Robert Lucien May G,G., Natural Colored Diamond Association
"The Language of Color" Natural Colored Diamonds
October 8Rui Galopim de Carvalho, Executive Liaison Ambassador
ICA - International Colored Gemstone Association
The Impact of Brazilian Gemstones in 18th century Jewelry Design
October 14Cindy Edelstein
BRILLIANCE! Masterpieces from the American Jewelry Design Council
November 10Howard Rubin, GG
What Price Guides Don't Tell You
December 8Alan Bronstein, Aurora Gems, Inc.,
"A Magical Mystery Tour of Natural Color Diamonds"
2008 Calendar of Events
January 15Bryan Aderhold, GG, and Arthur Groom of Eternity Natural Emeralds

Emerald Enhancements
February 19Rayner W. Hess, Jr., Author

The History of Jewelry Making
March 12Chris Del Gatto, CEO of CIRCA
"CIRCA, The Only Brand in the Jewelry Buying Business"
April 23Donna Beaton, GG and Dr. Wuyi Wang

Current Issues & Updates: Colored Stones & Diamonds
May 14Jacques Voorhees of Polygon

How Bricks and Mortar Retailers can compete

Effectively Against the Etailers
July 9Dayton Simmons, Owner of Silver Day Trading Co.

Turquoise: Natural or Otherwise
July 28Antoinette Matlins

The Changing World of Gem Treatments: A Glimpse Beneath the Surface!
September 17Kathleen DiResta, Jewelry Designer

Jewelry Design Today
October 7Tom Moses, G.G., Sr. Vice President GIA Laboratory and Research, NY
Update on GIA's New Pearl Grading System and Pearl Treatments
November 12Wendi M. Mayerson, B.A., G.G.and Elizabeth Quinn Darenius, B.Sc.,G.G., F.G.A., of American Gemological Laboratories

Hot Colored Stone Issues
December 2Ulysses Grant Dietz, Curator at The Newark Museum

"Putting Jewelry in its Place: Reclaiming Jewelry for the Decorative Arts"
2007 Calendar of Events
January 9Elyse Zorn Karlin, Publisher of "Adornment"
Chinese Kingfisher Feather Ornaments
February 21Vivian Gornitz, PhD
Turquoise - The Blue Sky Stone
March 13Reema Keswani, GG
Diamonds & India: From Antiquity to Modern Day
April 19Dan Campbell, BS, GG, FGA, Director New York GIA Ed
Phenomenal Gemstones
May 8Liz Burnett, GG, RMVP
Director of Communications, EGL USA™, New York

Lab Created Diamonds and Their Role in The Industry
July 30Jeff Pancis, President & CEO of Pancis Gems

How Rainbows are Formed Underground
September 18Ettagale Blauer

African Jewelry Crafts and Culture

October 9Peter Shemonsky

The Art and History of Enameling
November 15Joe DuMouchelle, GG, Auction Owner
Today's Auction
December 11Joseph Menzie, Former Pres. of ICA

Ethical & Fair Trade Corundum
2006 Calendar of Events
January 11Sharrie Woodring ,GG, FGA, Sr. Gemologist Gem Certification and Appraisal Lab
The Process of Detection in a Gem Laboratory
January 25Maggie Campbell Pederson, FGA
Gems From Life
February 15Cecilia Gardner, CEO of JVC

Legal Compliance in the Jewelry Industry
March 15G.Max Bernheimer, International Dept. Head of Antiquities, Christie's, NY

Ancient Greek Gems and Jewelry
April 19Highlights from the GIA Lab at GIA Education
May 17Carolyn Jacoby, GG, The South Sea Pearl Consortium

The Five Virtues of South Sea Cultured Pearls: Assessing and Evaluating Characteristics
June 13Arthur Skuratowicz, GJG, NJA
Practical Approach to Sketching Jewelry
July 31Al Gilbertson, GG
GIA's New Cut Grade
September 13Richard Buonomo, GG

Asscher Cut Diamonds, Is It or Isn't It?
October 11Abraham Stern, CEO IDEX Online

E-Commerce: The Changing Face of the Diamond and Jewelry Industry

in the WEB Age
November 15Eric Hoffman

Understanding Old Chinese Jades
December 5Donna Baker, Acting President of GIA
Industry Trends and GIA's Response
2005 Calendar of Events
January 12Camilla Dietz Bergeron
From Stocks to Rocks
February 15Edward Rosenzweig
Gem Crystals - Collectible Beauty
March 16Gary Roskin
Carbon Vapor Deposit (CVD):Diamond Coated Tools, Synthetic Diamond Jewelry, & the Holy Grail - Diamond Computer Chips
April 21Don Kay at GIA-EDU - Appraising Jadeite Jade
May 17Nick DelRe - EGL
The Cutting Edge of Patenting - What's Old is
Sometimes New Again!
September 13Bob Franks, Jewelry Security Alliance
Crime Prevention 101
October 11Diana Singer
Repro vs. Originals
November 15Kate Pearce
"B" Chart and other Beauties: Designing Jewelry with Alternative Gemstones
December 6Richard Drucker, Gemworld International Laboratories

Cut Grading and Light Performance of Diamonds--the New Frontier
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