Manhattan Chapter GIA Alumni Collective
Manhattan Chapter GIA Alumni Collective


About Us

These are our present officers:


Merle S. Koblenz, GIA G.G.



Gail Brett Levine, GIA G.G.

Vice President

Victor Hugo Garcia, B.S.


Member at Large

Sara Olsen Ritchie, GIA G.G.



Mission Statement

Our GIA Alumni Association Mission is to foster relationships between GIA and our Alumni worldwide and provide information, service and opportunities.

The Benefits of Membership:

The Manhattan Chapter fosters an atmosphere of networking and camaraderie in which the members represent all aspects of the jewelry trade.

Our multifaceted meetings, special events and other activities give you the opportunity to enhance your knowledge and professional growth.

Feel free to contact one of the officers for more information or come to one of our meetings. We look forward to seeing you soon.

The Manhattan Chapter underwrites the Eunice Miles Scholarship Fund with a generous annual contribution garnered from the proceeds of the yearly meetings and special fund raising events.



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