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Emerald Specimens From Around The World


Stuart Wilensky


This Exhibition is primarily focused on the natural Emerald as it is found and as it has been preserved in specimen and crystal form. By bringing together many of the world’s finest known examples of natural Emerald specimens we can better understand all Emerald specimens.  Important Emerald stones and jewelry can be found in every gem collection around the world. The same cannot be said about exceptional natural Emerald specimens. We estimate that there are less than 25 in the world that would qualify. Of those 25 half of them are here on exhibit. The significance of having half of the world’s finest known Emerald specimens all in one place cannot be overstated. This has never happened in the history of mineral collecting.  


Emeralds, for mineral collectors, are among the most difficult to acquire. Any Emerald that is of gem quality and color is valued per carat. There is a voracious appetite for top quality stones for both jewelry and investment. For a miner to save an Emerald as an uncut specimen it has to achieve the same value as it would as a cut stone. 

This is not the norm in mineral collecting. Minerals are evaluated similarly to works of art; aesthetics, quality, condition and rarity. Rarely is the intrinsic value of any species taken into account. No one asks the carat weight of a Calcite or a Pyrite. A mineral collector must be willing to pay at least the carat weight of the Emerald, and usually far above that, to obtain an exceptional example. Evaluating a Emerald specimen starts with the carat weight but then must also goes through the more abstract analysis of the all the qualities one looks for in any fine specimen. Adding those values together is how a great Emerald specimen is judged. It is this concept, the evaluation of Emerald specimens that Mr. Wilensky will present.


Date: Wednesday, October 16th, 2019  


Time: 6:00PM - 7:00PM  Refreshments

           7:00PM - 8:00PM  Lecture


Place: Wilensky Mineral Gallery  173 10th Ave., NYC


Cost: FREE TO MEMBERS ONLY!  Limited to 50. 


RSVP: Reservations must be in by Monday, October 14th, 2019


Payment:     Click here to register via  Eventbrite


Questions: Contact Gail B. Levine, GIA GG,   718.897.7305

                    or Merle S. Koblenz, GIA GG,    860.927.0179



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