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This Special End of 2019 Event is

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News and Updates from The

American Gemological Laboratories


Christopher Smith, GIA GG, FGA, President



Sapphires exhibiting a color-shift (also known as tenebrescence), after exposure to UV light and heat have become an increasingly important topic. Such stones gained a heightened  profile when some exhibiting a very nice Padparadscha type color had their color shift whe nthe orangey color component faded, leaving a Pink Sapphire. Since that time, renewed focus on this topic has led to a greater awareness of this natural phenomenon and the broad scope of colors that may be impacted by its proper disclosure. AGL has been working diligently on this subject and will provide a current status of knowledge report. Additionally, we will discuss some of the general trends that the Laboratory has been seeing develop throught its work with the colored stone industry at large. There will also be free forum discussion at the end, for the audience to ask questions of interest to them.


Date: Thursday, December 5th, 2019  


Time: 6:00PM-7:00PM Refreshments & Networking

           7:00PM-8:00PM Lecture


Place: Phillips Auction Gallery, 450 Park Ave @ 57th Street, NYC


Note: Phillips will have a public preview of their upcoming December sale for you to





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Questions: Contact Gail B. Levine, GIA GG,   718.897.7305

                    or Merle S. Koblenz, GIA GG,    860.927.0179


The chapter thanks Bryan Aderhold, Irma Davidson, and Kassoy for their generous raffle donations. It contributed toward the 2019 effort for the Eunice Miles Scholarship Fund.

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