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 Day-to-Day Gemstone Treatments and Their Identification
presented by

Daniel W. Campbell, BS,GG,FGA,CSM NAJA


There are many treatments that a wide variety of gems undergo. Some of these treatments are associated with particular gems. Others can be found in many types of stones. Some are permanent and some are not.

To detect some of these treatments, advanced techniques are required. However, many treatments can be identified with tools and observations that are readily available and these treatments turn up in gems virtually every day.

It's important that we pay attention to the gems we're identifying, grading and appraising. The presence of a particular treatment or treatments will have a significant effect on the conclusions we draw.

DATE:  Monday, April 17th, 2023


TIME: 5-6 PM Pizza & Sodas  6-7:30 PM Lecture

PLACE:  GIA New York Education, 50 West 47th St. (between 5th and 6th Aves.), 8th Floor

COST:  $30 GIA Alumni and Gem-A members Only!  Limited to 50.  Prepaid Only!  No walk-ins!   As a courtesy to our alumni and the speakers there will be no admittance after 6 PM. If you are not on the security list by the RSVP date of April 10th, you cannot attend. This is 7 days before the event!! All attendees must bring their government issued identification (driver’s license or passport) to pick up their access card at the building lobby security post area with no exception.  Please come half hour early due to security protocols.
RSVP: Reservations must be in by Monday, April 10th!

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Questions: Gail B. Levine, G.G., 718.897.7305 or Merle S. Koblenz 860.927.0179               



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